Our Approach

P.R.I.M.E. Strategy

HR Talent Strategy uses the PRIME Talent Strategy method to plan, resource, implement, map and execute staffing needs through specialized consultation driven by your business plan.


We begin with an initial consultation to discuss strategies for workforce plans and discuss key reasons for every hire. The process for hiring a new role at an organization may be repetitive or commonplace whether it's a manufacturing employee or a senior-level position.


With a detailed assessment of your current strategy and processes, we review every area of your Human Resources processes to determine what works best. By performing the assessment of your current strategy and we will make recommendations for areas of improvement.


If your business does not have an efficient hiring process, we'll help set up the right solution. We also offer our help for vetting new candidates, assessing current employee potential, tracking metrics, completing background checks, working with outside recruiters, hiring manager interview training, and providing expertise for your employee onboarding plan.