Anthony Gibson founded HR Talent Strategy in Denver, Colorado, with a focus on developing and implementing Workforce Talent Planning and Acquisition strategies. Serving small to mid-sized businesses, HR Talent Strategy knows that developing a human capital strategy and building your talent pipeline are critical to the bottom line.

With a long career in Human Resources and staffing, Mr. Gibson gained experience in both start-up and established businesses. He holds a master’s degree in Organizational Performance and Change from Colorado State University.  As the interim Vice President of Human Resources working for a mid-sized oil company,  Anthony saw the growth potential of strategic planning when the company nearly doubled in size.

As the talent pools for professionals begin to shrink, HR Talent Strategy will help your business improve its projections and plans for growth. Company hiring and top talent acquisition are on the rise. Job seekers believe finding jobs is much easier than before. Knowledge workers are nimble, well-educated, highly mobile people who excel at meeting the demands of changing fields.

Given the changing job market, stakeholders should be involved in the hiring process. Job seekers are interested in company representatives who are knowledgeable about positions and potential career growth. At HR Talent Strategy, we learn about your business, your growth, and the potential for increasing your workforce to plan and implement a solid human capital strategy.