Effective Staffing Design and Workforce Planning

HR Talent Strategy is an independently owned human-capital consulting firm focused on helping small to mid-sized companies make more money by utilizing our PRIME Talent Strategy to develop a long-term staffing strategy and ensure the best employees are hired and retained to increase company productivity and profits.

As an independent consulting firm, our decisions and recommendations are based on our clients' best interests. We are not owned or affiliated with any staffing agencies looking to increase their placement fees by recommending external candidates, and ignoring internal assets.

The Department of Labor estimates the cost of a bad hire to be 30% of his or her annual salary, but the negative impact on the organization can be much greater than just the financial loss.

We focus on making your organization more efficient and profitable by implementing the most effective human-capital strategy for attracting the best employees and hiring for retention. When your company utilizes our business approach, you'll see how to improve your staffing needs by planning, identifying, mapping, and executing all aspects of what it takes to build your organization.

The most important employer brand identity you can build starts with the people you employ. HR Talent Strategy serves small to mid-sized companies that are ready to reach the next level. Contact us to learn more about how we will build your business through our PRIME Talent Strategy services.